Diabetes Coaching

Diabetes Coaching

Diabetes mellitus Typ II is the most common metabolic disorder in Germany and the Developed World as a whole.

If undiagnosed or badly controlled, diabetes automatically leads to damage of the cardiovascular system, which can result in a heart attack, vascular disorders in the brain and legs, kidney damage, nerve injury, loss of sight and much more.

Our treatment and care concept presented below can protect you from such diabetic complications.

It takes the following form:

1.) Interview and examination by your own personal doctor.

2.) A blood sample to be able to assess the glucose metabolism and evaluate the risk profile, ascertaining:

blood glucose, HbA1c, cholesterol (HDL and LDL), triglyceride, sensitive CRP, lipoprotein (a), creatinine, liver- and pancreas values, uric acid, urine microalbumin test

3.) Evaluation of the results of the blood test, and where necessary, adjustment of the medication therapy

4.) Nutrition counselling to achieve a change of diet and weight loss
(Link zur Schrothkur!!)

5.) Sport and exercise with your personal trainer, individual
fitness programme.