Medical Check-UP

Medical Check-UP

Within a 24-hour period we offer you a comprehensive medical check-up, giving you a detailed picture of the state of your health.

Core programme

08:00 hr: Interview and examination by your own personal doctor.

08:45 hr: Giving blood sample for laboratory tests covering 35 parameters, including the following areas:

  • Metabolic (fat, blood glucose, long-term blood glucose, uric acid)
  • Internal organs, such as kidneys, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland
  • Tumor marker (CEA, CA 15-3 in women, CEA, PSA for men)
  • Vitamin D
  • Risik factors for capillary damage
    (sensitive CRP, homocysteine, lipoprotein (a))
    Urine analysis
    Stool examination for haemoglobin and
    tumor marker M2PK


09:15 hr: Ultrasonic examination of the abdomen and the thyroid gland

09:45 hr: Colour flow doppler ultrasound scan of the internal carotid and leg arteries

10:15 hr: Pulmonary function test

10:30 hr: Cardiac stress test with ECG and oxygen and lactate measurement

11:30 hr: Ultrasonic examination of the heart

18:00 hr: Discussion of results

18:00 Uhr: Besprechung der Ergebnisse

Additional examinations where necessary:

  • Gastroscopy / colonoscopy (Please arrange an appointment in advance)
  • Stress echocardiography
  • Coronary angiography

All medical services provided will be invoiced according to ‘Gebührenordnung für Ärzte ‘96’ (German Statutory Physician Fee Schedule of 1996) and can be reimbursed by private health insurers.We also offer corporate clients special conditions for medical check-ups of their top executives

We can arrange accomodation for you at the Allgäuer Rosenalp or another one of our partner luxury hotels.

With our ‘Check Programme’ we help you to stay fit and healthy into old age.

Through individually tailored and in-depth consultations and the comprehensive examination of your organs and you can build up an exact picture of your current state of physical health, your risk profile and your fitness.