Beauty & Fitness

Beauty & Fitness

The experiences you’ve had. The smiles that you’ve laughed. The sun that you’ve enjoyed… that all leaves behind traces in your face. Counter them with:

Anti-wrinkle injections using hyaluronic acid:

You can look youthful and relaxed without an operation by having injections of hyaluronic acid – a natural substance that occurs in your own body. Wrinkles are filled, cheeks and lips remodelled. Your skin regains its firmness, elasticity and suppleness. The new generation of dermal fillers– three-dimensionally cross-linked – give you back a perfect appearance for a long time.

Botox treatment:

“It’s the dose that makes it poison”. True to this maxim, with just the right ‘doses’ of Botox we can rejuvenate your face. Your facial wrinkles are smoothed out, the frown lines disappear, the crow’s feet are gently lifted, your facial expression looks more relaxed, your face is rejuvenating itself noticeably. Also in combination with hyaluronic acid – perfect ‘lifting’ without surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery:

Together with our team of aesthetic plastic surgeons we offer you a full range of the opportunities that operative therapy makes possible. Our partners have particular expertise in eyelid correction, facelifting, breast enlargement and body contouring with liposuction and the remodelling of problem areas.

CH Consult helps you to make your life healthier and more dynamic through diagnosis, therapy, health management and self-motivation.

You’ll be astounded– put your health in our hands and you’ll get nothing but the best.